SYPEP posits that a Transnational Renegade encompasses diverse cultural exposure and awareness; knowledge of the  socio-political and economic world at the community, municipal, state, national, and international levels; strategic methodology to promote civic engagement and community-centered social change; the awareness and knowledge of community histories that prioritize indigenous perspectives; and socio-emotional awareness.

SYPEP aims to promote cultural awareness among youth and professionals through international alliances across the African Diaspora. SYPEP leverages applied tertiary-level skills training, offered through concurrent enrollment opportunities, to promote an intense foci on critical thinking, entrepreneurship, and community-building.  As ethnic racial youth and professionals, SYPEP finds that it is imperative to also cultivate emotional intelligence, adaptability, and resilience while civically engaging with dominant culture.

As such, the 7 Pillars of the Sankofa Youth & Professional Exchange Program incorporates critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and entrepreneurial skills while raising cultural awareness and learning the histories of indigenous peoples and communities.


7 Pillars

1. Cultural Intelligence

2. Skills Development

3. Emotional Awareness

4. Entrepreneurship & Economics

5. The Histories of Indigenous Communities

6. Cultural Workshops

7.Civic Engagement


The birth of Transnational Renegades.

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