BRICOLAGE MARKET, LLC is a retail, wholesale, and professional product services company. Our retail and wholesale products capture the cultural and historical realm of communities across the African Diaspora. We offer commodities such as unrefined Shea butter (karité) ; Moringa Oleifera, Neem, and Baobab oils; handcrafted Black, Shea, and Moringa soaps; colorful handwoven baskets and hampers; graduation and commemorative stoles; custom-fit African attire and accessories.


All products are ethically and responsibly sourced, in alignment with our mission to end human suffering and to promote human rights and economic justice. We are avid supporters of indigenous African entrepreneurs, supporting over 1000 employees who are committed to fair trade practices, product safety and quality, community and economic development, and economic independence. 

BRICOLAGE MARKET financially supports the Sankofa Virtual Exchange, humanitarian projects, high school scholarships, and sponsored exchange opportunities for underserved ethnic racial youth and professionals indigenous to Louisiana and our international partners across the African Diaspora.

Feedback is always good - We look forward to you camaraderie  and support in business!

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Procure a diverse selection of African Diaspora-informed accoutrements, today! We provide a  specialized client experience to small businesses in natural products, manufacturers, hotels,  schools, and organizations.



Return Policy

Bricolage Market values every customer. We can refund items that are returned within 7-14 days from the purchase delivery date. Because each customer case is unique- please contact us for questions, concerns, and inquiries.

Product Quality

The Bricolage Market ensures quality products produced in Ghana and neighboring countries. Cosmetic products manufactured for Bricolage Market are hand-crafted from Ghana's indigenous Shea Fruit, Neem, & Moringa Oleifera trees.  Leathers and straw baskets are treated to ensure product endurance. Clothing and shoes are hand-crafted providing durable stitching supports and the best fit for each customer. Art pieces are inspirational works created by Ghanaian locals. Feel free to contact us with additional measurements to achieve a customize fit. 

Product Delivery

Orders will take approximately 10-15 days to arrive. Each order will be sent via Ghana Post Company, Ltd. & the United States Postal Service (USPS). All orders include registered tracking information. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.